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  1. Jessica Seal-Hyatt says:

    My husband and I are ‘newly weds’ and want to start the process of buying our first home. I’ll be honest, I was always terrified to even think about what goes into buying a home, but the info you provided helped a lot and made it seem less confusing and terrifying. Thanks!

  2. Floyd Hartford Jr says:

    Interesting content you have here. More under 30’s should check it out.

    • James Chen says:

      My name is James, I would like to apply for a car loan using my car as a collateral. My car is free and clear with clean title. 2009 Hummer H2 59,500 miles. I would like to apply for 36-60 month loan. Please advise…Thanx

  3. La Vette Carter says:

    Hi David! I would like to know how to shop for a USED car. My old clunker could go at any time, so I’d like to be prepared to buy a decent used car. Can you help me, please?

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