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The Best Car Insurance Companies For Young Adults

Car insurance rates can vary widely, especially for drivers under 35. Find a friendlier rate—compare the best auto insurance companies for young adults here.

best car insurance for young adultsIf you drive a car, you need auto insurance. Every state requires that you purchase at least a minimal amount of liability coverage, in order to ensure that, if you damage someone else’s property while operating your car, some of that is at least taken care of.

Unfortunately, young drivers pay more for car insurance because you have limited driving experience. Although car insurance rates are highest for teenagers, young adult drivers often pay more for insurance until they are 25 or 26—or even up to 30. The only way to know which insurance companies are best for young adults is to compare competing quotes from a handful of auto insurance companies—every car insurance company prices their policies differently.

Also, the right auto insurance policy for you depends on a number of factors other than price—from how much coverage you want/need to what’s available in your state.

Let’s take a look at the best car insurance for young adults:

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has some of the best agents and customer service in the industry and was voted 2nd for customer satisfaction in a 2012 study by J.D. Powers. Although agents typically parter with community organizations and employers to sell policies, anybody can get a quote and a policy from Liberty Mutual. Two features in particular make them a company to put at the top of your list for consideration:

  • Accident forgiveness, which means your rates won’t go up after one claim.
  • New car replacement: If you purchase a brand new car and are in a crash within the first year, most insurance policies will only pay out the depreciated value of the car which can be thousands less than you just paid for the car. New car replacement with Liberty Mutual ensures that you’ll get enough money to buy the same new car again.

Get a Liberty Mutual car insurance quote here


metromile insurance

Do you drive less than 10,000 miles per year? If so, you might save the most by switching to a pay-per-mile auto insurance policy like those offered by insurer Metromile.

Now available in California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington, Metromile estimates occasional drivers could save between $400 and $500 with pay-per-mile insurance. If you mix up driving with walking, biking and/or public transportation, give Metromile a look, or read more in our complete Metromile review.

Get a Metromile car insurance quote here
Note: MetroMile is currently available in CA, IL, NJ, PA, OR, VA & WA.

Compare auto insurance quotes in 10 minutes

Enter your Zip Code to see how much you could save:


Not too long ago, Esurance was bought by Allstate. The insurance company, long known for offering low quotes online is now backed by one of the most-known players in the insurance business. It’s easy to get a quote online, or reach the 24/7 toll-free customer service line. Esurance also makes it easy to manage your auto insurance policy and your claims online.

Discounts available through Esurance include its Fast 5, where you can save just for getting an online quote, as well as a multi-policy discount, multi-vehicle policy discount, and the Switch & Save, which gives you a premium reduction for moving from another insurance company.

Esurance also offers discounts for being an alumni of a Pac-12 school, purchasing emergency road assistance from a third party, good driving, good grades, anti-theft devices, and more. Esurance’s focus on online servicing reduces rates, making it an especially good good car insurance pick for young adults.

Get an Esurance car insurance quote here


USAA has long been known for its outstanding customer service and its association with the US military. Obviously service members and veterans are eligible to become USAA members, but so are spouses, children and grandchildren of anybody who honorably served in the U.S. armed forces.

Once you’re a member, you can access USAA’s auto insurance policies, which offer a number of discounts that can bring your premiums down, including:

  • Safe driver discount, which results in savings after maintaining a good driving record for five years.
  • Take an approved defensive driving course to receive a discount, and an approved driver training course for another discount.
  • Good students can get a discount when they maintain a high GPA.
  • Receive discounts for customer loyalty, purchasing multiple USAA products, and by encouraging family members to sign up.
  • Vehicle discounts include those for multiple vehicles, new vehicles, and for driving your vehicles fewer miles.

USAA also offers a special discount for those who garage their cars on military and choose comprehensive insurance coverage.

It’s easy to purchase coverage; you can get a quote online or call a toll-free number to reach a representative.

Get a USAA car insurance quote here


The Allstate web site includes a number of features that make it easy to get a quote on your car insurance, as well as manage your policy. There are also a number of resources available on the site, Allstate offers a wide range of roadside services that can be of help when you travel.

As you probably expect, Allstate offers discounts that are considered fairly standard: good student, safe driver, multi-policy, and multi-vehicle. Allstate also offers discounts when you set up an automatic withdrawal to pay your premiums, as well as savings for paying your policy in full. There are also a number of discounts for the type of vehicle you own, from a new car to an economy car to a farm vehicle.

Depending on your specialized needs, an Allstate policy can be a good choice for your auto insurance.

Get an Allstate car insurance quote here


You’ve probably seen the commercials featuring the Geico Gecko. The company created on the online insurance quote model, and markets its ability to save you 15 percent or more on your car insurance. However, not only can you get a quote online, but in recent years Geico has added “real world” agents that you can visit offline, and you can also call or email. Geico also touts its ability to provide customer service via Twitter.

Geico includes discounts for the vehicle equipment you have (air bags, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft, and daytime running lights) as well as for your driving history and habits. You receive a discount for five years being accident-free, as well as for taking driver’s education and defensive driving courses. Teen drivers, college students and young adults can receive a discount for good grades as well, and Geico offers discounts for military service and for federal employees, on top of the standard coverage discounts for multiple policies and vehicles. You can also check Geico’s list of more than 500 membership and employee groups that can result in discounts.

Get a GEICO car insurance quote here

State Farm

State Farm is one of the most recognizable brands in insurance. It’s fairly easy to get a quote from the web site, or by calling an agent. I don’t have State Farm insurance, by I was recently hit by a driver who was covered by the company. After some initial hiccups, State Farm took care of everything, from the repairs on my car to the rental car. The company was even responsive when the initial time period for the rental car ended before repairs were completed and I requested more time.

State Farm’s discounts include those for good students, multiple automobiles, other products, and good driving habits (go at least three years without moving violations and no at-fault accidents). You can also take the Steer Clear course offered by State Farm to receive an even bigger discount. Defensive driving and less driving can also reduce your auto insurance premiums with State Farm.

State Farm’s web site also has a handy tool you can use to determine how your rate might rise or fall, depending on different circumstances, whether it’s adding a teen driver or getting a speeding ticket.

Get a State Farm car insurance quote here


This is another online-based insurance company that promises steep discounts and quality coverage. Progressive touts its standing as the number one auto insurance site, and promises to help you find the best rates — even if the best rate is with a company other than Progressive. It’s not a bad place to start your search, since you can see multiple quotes from multiple companies. You can also get help from a local agent or via phone.

One of the features Progressive offers is the Name Your Price tool, which attempts to fit an insurance policy to your financial situation. You can also enter your current auto insurance package and see what it would cost at other companies.

Discounts from Progressive include those for safe driving, multi-vehicle and multi-policy, paying in full, online policy purchase, good grades (teen drivers), and more.

Get a Progressive car insurance quote here

American National

This is the auto insurance company I use, but it’s not available in all states. American National allows you to get a quote online, in person, or over the phone. I’ve had a good experience with this company, and the standard discounts are offered, from multi-car to good student to multi-policy. I also have a discount for maintaining a good credit score and signing up for automatic withdrawal.

One of the cooler features of my policy is that I receive a 25 percent premium refund for being claim-free for three years. I’ve received a premium refund each year that I’ve had the policy (starting after having the policy for three years).

Get an American National car insurance quote here

Before you choose an auto insurance company, consider your options, and your needs. Choose a company that is likely to help you best protect your assets at a price you can afford.

Compare auto insurance quotes in 10 minutes

Enter your Zip Code to see how much you could save:

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  1. Lisa says:

    This BLOG is awesome…I just saved $208.00 reading the information that was provided! Thank you moneyunder36. I will definitely continue reading and so should everyone else!

  2. Danny says:

    Is this an ad for Geico??
    They are the most expensive.
    Geico gave me nearly DOUBLE the rate any other company on this list did for liability.
    That’s after 15+ yrs NO ACCIDENTS, NO TICKETS OF ANY KIND and continuous coverage.

    • Jimmy House says:

      GEICO was by far the $$$ most expensive $$$.
      15 minutes can save you 15% isn’t the realty when it comes to GEICO rates for auto insurance.
      It pays to shop!

  3. Brendan Heussler says:

    I spent some time shopping around before settling on Geico. I really thought I would be going with a company like Esurance, which sounded like a streamlined auto insurance company. They ended up being one of the most expensive. Geico ended up being half of what other companies were charging.

  4. Kyle Drey says:

    Just my experience, make sure to check Geico. I checked all these except USAA and Geico was more than half the price of the cheapest of the rest. I even tacked on Rental Car, Higher coverage, and Accident Forgiveness and it was still half the price. Highly recommended. Even threw on renters for only $10 more when every other place wanted $20

    • David Weliver says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience; I’m with Geico now after Progressive and State Farm in the past — Geico’s a couple hundred less a year than the others.

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